GP2 Grout

A blessed visitation with Proofer

Technical Information

Colour Cement Grey
Appearance Powder
Bulk Density 1.5 kg 1 (of fresh grout) at 27 °C
Layer Thickness 20 mm min. / 100 mm max. Compressive Strength
Amblent temperature +30°C


Easy to use (ready to mix powder), Easy to mix, only add water, Adjustable consistency, Very good flow characteristics, Rapid strength development, Excellent bond to Concrete, No Segregation or bleeding, High final strengths, Impact- and vibration resistant, Non-corrosive Not flammable, Non-toxic Shrinkage compensated.

Method of Application

Mix grout powder mechanically in the correct ratio with water with low speed (max. 500 rpm) electric drill to avoid entraining too much air. Put around 80 to 90% of required water in the mixing drum, followed by Grout GP2 and then add the balance water. Dependent on the desired consistency and flow properties the mixing ratio can be adjusted. Do not mix more grout, which cannot be used within Pot Life. DO NOT ADD EXTRA WATER.

Application Areas

Bearing, Machine Foundations, Columns Joints, Grout Anchors, Cavities, Gaps and Voids in Concrete.

Pack Size

20 Kg.


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