Floor Hardner

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Technical Information

Colour Concrete Grey
Appearance Powder Natural
Bulk Density 1.5 ± 0.1 kg/l at 27 ℃
Layer Thickness 2.5 to 3.0 nn at dosage of ~ 5.0 kg/m2
Properties Abrasion Resistance 1.70 mm Thickness loss ( average )



Good wear resistance rating , impace resistance ,cost effective surface hardener , dust proof easy cleaning , increased resistance to oils and grease , quality assured factory blending , suppresses superficial fibers in concrete.

Method of Application

Dependent on the conditions , remove the surface "bleed" water or allow it to evaporate.sprinkle floor hardner onto the screeded concrete evenly in 2 stages (first stage:60%;second stage:40%).Care must be taken to apply the product without creating ripples etc. In the concrete surface.the first application must be worked into the slab followed immediately by application of the second stage quantity.

Application Areas

Warehouses,Factories,Shopping Malls,Public Areas,Restaurants,Museums

Pack Size

40 Kg.


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