Cem Proof AA+333

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Technical Information

Appearance Free flowing thin liquid
Colour Brown
Sp. Gravity @25°C. gms/cc 1.05 + 0.02
Non volatile content, % 13 + 0.05%
PH value 11 - 13
Setting time, minutes Initial - 100; Final - 185
Chloride content >0.0003
Chloride content 0.002%
Water Permlability >60% of the Control



Permits concrete placement in congested reinforcement and not easily accessible areas by producing flowable concrete, Reduces water ratio to the extent of 15 to 20%. Improves work ability and compressive strength. Minimizes segregation and bleeding, To produce concrete with lower cement with similar strength and durability. To produce concrete with lower water cement ratio, higher strength and durability and work ability of normal mix design. Suitable for fresh concrete and hardened concrete, To create impervious and dense concrete, ideal for sloping roofs, thin shell roofs, domes where compaction or use of vibrator is not possible.

Application Areas

Used with Cement works, Prestressed and reinforced concrete work As inclusion of Plasticizer in concrete does not lead to any rust formation as it is chloride free.

Pack Size

500 ml,1, 5, 10, 20 & 200 Ltr.


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