Super Latex - 222 - SBR

A blessed visitation with Proofer

Technical Information

Type Styrene Butadiene Polymer Liquid
Color White
Specific Gravity 1.02 + 0.02
Storage Condition Free From Frost
Solid Content 44 +1%
Hard Dry 5-6 Hours
For Best Resust Use before 1 year If unopened
Consuption 1 kg of Super Latex will cover 70-80 Sq.ft area in 2 Coats.
Proportion Mix 1:4:7 Sper Latex : Water :Cement



Excellent Coverage -70-80 sq.ft per kg/ in 2 coats, hence economical Less material wastage- material does not fall back/ rebound, when used as bonding agent High Bond Strength Prevents leakage & dampness Enhances strength of a repair mortar & provides durability.

Application Areas

Use As bond coating, Use As waterproof repair plaster Use As crack repair, Use As coating for prevention of corrosion in re bars Use As prevent Efflorescence (salt petre /damp surfaces).

Pack Size

500 ml, 1, 5, 10, 20 Ltr.


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