Wood & Steel Adhesive

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Technical Information

Mixing Ratio 6 (Powder) : 4 (Liquid)
Colour Light Orange
Pot life @ 250C, minutes 35 to 45
Open time, minutes >20
Adjustability time, minutes 15
Trafficable time , Hrs 48


powerful formula, Fast acting, Easy to apply, Excellent Work ability, Excellent Adhesion Strength, Excellent Durability, Self Curing.

Application Areas

Used for applying of tiles on wood or steel surface. Used for applying of all types of tiles on continuos vibrating zone such as lift area, Industrial area etc...Used for applying of resin based stones which changes its size according to atmosphere. Used for high water absorption natural stones. Used for applying of marbles,granite and heavy slabs on wood or steel sheet

Pack Size

10 kg.(6 Kg Powder + 4 Kg Liquid )

Coverage Estimates

approximately 5 to 6 m2/30kg
@ 3 mm thickness when using a thin trowel


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