Super Creat

A blessed visitation with Proofer

Technical Information

Appearance Milky Liquid Polymer
Colour Bluish White
Density 1.05 +0.02 kg/Ltr.
Bond Strength 2 times more than normal cement slurry coating.
Waterproofing 10 times higher than the normal cement slurry.
Min. Film Forming Temperature 5 C



Good bonding properties, Good as a waterproof coating, Static cracks can be filled with mortar, A good modifier to make repair mortar/concrete . Durable to UV exposure Eco-friendly.

Method of Application

Mix 1 Litre of "Supercrete" liquid with 2 kg of fresh 43 or 53 grade OPC (do not use lumpy or air set OPC or PPC) thoroughly to make smooth brushable consistency. Such mixed material (say 3 kg.) will provide the coverage between 1.5 m2 and 2.0 m2 depending upon surface texture &porosity on a prepared surface. The thickness varies from 0.9 to 1.1 mm. Minimum two coats are required perpendicular.

Application Areas

Tanks in Fisheries, Portable water containers, Tanks, Reservoirs and spray ponds, Swimming pools and silos,Sumps, Fine water spray Waterproofing planter boxes.

Pack Size

1, 5, 10 & 20 Ltr.


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