NSA Platinum

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Technical Information

Appearance Free flowing Powder
Colour Grey/White
Pot life @ 250C, minutes 35 to 45
Open time, minutes >20
Adjustability time, minutes 5
Shear adhesion, M pa 8-10
Tensile adhesion strength, 14 days, M pa > 1950 N Force
EN 12004 Standards C2TE


High polymer modified adhesive, Easy mixing & smooth application & better work ability, For use on walls & floors in interior & exterior. High strength & Water resistance, PLATINUM NSA meets the performance requirements of IS 15477: 2019 "Specification for Adhesives for use with Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Marbles, Granites and Stones.

Application Areas

use for low and high water absorption surfaces use for applying of big size vitrified & porcelain tiles internally and externally, use for applying of low water absorption tiles such as single fired tiles, natural stone, marbles etc.use for industrial flooring use for tile on tile on wall & Floor.

Pack Size

20 Kg.

Coverage Estimates

approximately 4.5 to 5 m2/20kg.
3 mm thickness when using a thin trowel.


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