Brush Bond

A blessed visitation with Proofer

Technical Information

Pot Life at 200C 1 Hour
Adhesion to concrete >1N/mm2
Mixed Density 1.90kg./Ltr. (Brushable Consistency)
Tenslle Strength (ASTN D 638) 2N/mm2 (at 1.5mm thickness)
Colour Grey
Application Temperature Not less than 100C
Toxicity Non-toxic



Minimum surface preparation needed - Low labour costs, Applied directly to the damp concrete and masonry, Excellent adhesionBonds to porous and nonporous surfaces, Non-toxic-ideal for potable water tanks Waterproof- Excellent for damp-proofing basements Breathable-allows transmission of water vapour from interior of building Excellent for concrete roof, leaking brick and masonry walls.

Method of Application

Brushbond BB is poured into a plastic or metal drum. To this an equal volume of clean fresh water is added, for brush application consistency. Then mixing is started with a slow speed drill (350-450 rpm). The powder component is added gradually to the liquid avoiding lump formation and mixed for 2-4 minutes. Mix and use. More material should not be mixed than can be used within pot life. minimum two coats are required perpendicular. Re tempering with water should not be done. Keep on stirring during application. Minimum two coats are required perpendicular.

Application Areas

Water Tanks, Reservoirs Swimming Pools Roofs And To Ensure Water Tightness, Concrete Decay Seals Concrete Masonry Walls, Bridges, Shrinkage Cracks.

Pack Size

27 (Powder - 23Kg, Liquid - 4Ltr.)


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