NSA Silver

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Technical Information

Appearance Free flowing powder
Colour Grey
Pot life @ 250C, minutes 35 to 45
Open time, minutes >20
Trafficable time, Hrs 24
Shear adhesion, M pa 8-10
Tensile adhesion strength, 14 days, M pa > 1275 N Force
EN 12004 Standards C1


Suitable for fixing ceramic tiles for floor & walls, Polymer modified adhesive • Good strength, Easy mixing & application, Interior Situations, NSA SILVER meets the adhesion requirements of IS 15477 : 2019 "Specification for Adhesives for use with Ceramic Tiles"

Application Areas

Application Areas Use for Ceramic Floor Tiles & Wall Tiles on Floor & Wall,Use for Vitrified Tiles and Porcelain Tiles on Floor

Pack Size

20 Kg.

Coverage Estimates

approximately 4.5 to 5 m2/20kg

@ 3 mm thickness when using a thin trowel


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